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Wild Orchid

Christmas Tree | Emerald Jar | Large

Christmas Tree | Emerald Jar | Large

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Well... we've managed to capture the scent perfectly in our Christmas Tree Candle! Herbal and rejuvenating, this fragrance ushers in a sense of freshness and joy. Blending intensely green and woody aromas to bring a burst of uplifting freshness, this scent is magical! Christmas Tree scented candle in a glass emerald jar decorated with crystals and pressed flowers. 

Our candles are individually hand poured in our work studio in Malta, made with our secret coco and soy natural wax blend ensuring exceptional fragrance throw and a longer lasting aroma.  The wax is infused with paraben and phthalate-free, premium fragrance oils with a braided cotton wick.

The candle comes in a box, wrapped in blue Wild Orchid ribbon.

Burning Instructions

Always keep wick centred and trimmed to 1/4". Allow ample time for wax to melt to edges of vessel. Discontinue use when only 1/4" of wax remains. 

Approximately 60-70 hours of burn time.

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