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Wild Orchid

Lotus Wax Burner

Lotus Wax Burner

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This white ceramic oil and wax melt burner features a cutout lotus flower design with a wood-effect ceramic base. Place fragrance oil or wax melts into the built-in dish with a standard tealight inside to fill the home with calming fragrance.

Dimensions: 11cm X 10cm X 10cm

Safety Instructions

- place the burner on heat or fire resistant surface
- never leave a lit burner unattended
- use well away from pets and young children
- do not use the burner without wax or oil make sure there is sufficient oil or wax in the bowl, do not apply heat when dish is empty to avoid cracks
- do not touch the surface when lit
- do not overfill the dish with wax, add wax melts gradually
- use with good quality tea lights (4 hrs burning time)
- tea lights that are too large can cause your burner to overheat, crack, soot or burn the fragrance very quickly
- never mix water with wax, if the burner has been used with water and oils first it needs to be completely dry to be used with melts

When your wax warmer is not on and the wax has hardened, the easier way to remove it by warming the wax slightly until it loosens in the warmer, then it can be removed. Wipe it down with a paper towel.

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